Won’t you be a Friend?

Friends of Empty Bowls was established to provide the opportunity to help directly support Empty Bowls Naples throughout the year.  Monies raised through Friends help cover the expense of making, painting, and firing the bowls we have at the event in January. Friends’ donations also support local artists who give their time, expertise and use of their facilities to Empty Bowls Naples.

When you become a Friend of Empty Bowls you will receive special admittance to the event in January, your choice of a handcrafted ceramic bowl from the exclusive Friend’s table, a commemorative miniature bowl, name recognition at the event, and invitations to all Empty Bowls workshops.

Although the Empty Bowls event is just one day in January, a year’s worth of planning, creating and painting bowls, and organizing goes into making it happen. Here is your opportunity to become involved:

Friends of Empty Bowls Naples 2017