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Main Contact:
Betsy Dawson

 (239) 591-8848

Contact Betsy for:

Empty Bowls Event Coordinator

- for general inquiries,
- for volunteer opportunities,
- to donate supplies to make the bowls

- to donate supplies for the event day

Soup Donations

- to donate 10 gallons of soup for event
- to volunteer to pick-up & deliver soup event day

Bowl Painting & Bowl Making Events

- to host a BOWL painting or BOWL making event
- to donate glazes;  dipping,  stroking, majolica, clear & under coat  
- to donate clay, paint brushes & fired bowls
- to donate kiln firing time

Silent Auction

- to donate finished pieces for the event
- to volunteer for the event day; Saturday, 1/24/2015

Barron Collier High School Potters Guild 

- to donate funds for supplies
- to donate bowl making supplies; clay, glazes, tools, molds, equipment
- to student volunteer